Banking and Financial Inclusion

What is Financial Inclusion?

  • Financial inclusion or inclusive financing is the delivery of financial services at affordable costs to sections of disadvantaged and low-income segments of society.
  • The availability of banking and payment services to the entire population without discrimination is the prime objective of financial inclusion public policy.


  • To reform and Institutionalise direct benefit delivery mechanism of government programmes.
  • To transfer all cash benefits directly to the bank account of the beneficiaries of the state.
  • To provide all non-cash benefits directly into the hands of the beneficiaries of the state using aadhaar enabled biometric authentication.
  • To make banking service available near the doorsteps of the residents of the state through banks /business correspondents

Operational startup

  • First to open OD account (overdraft account) in map link branch of Bank of Baroda.
  • Generate your KO code .
  • Arrange single finger print device .
  • Register your KO code with concern technical support .
  • Start Work.

Investment & Earning

Single Finger Scanner Including KO Code Activation Charges

Rs.7000/- .
OD account limit Rs 10,000/- minimum.
Name of service Kiosk Commission
Revenue support Rs. 3500 For 6 Months When 100 Transaction in a Month
New A/C Opening 16
Recurring Deposit Opening(Per account) 4
Fixed Deposit (Per Account) 4
Remittance & Fund transfer(transaction) 8
Cash handling Charges 0.3200%