About Us


1 Stop Aksh is a public private partnership model between the Rajasthan government and Aksh Optifibre Limited, where in complete E-Governance solutions are being provided to the public in a regulated, transparent and efficient manner.

The citizens can avail all the Government 2 Citizen (G2C) and Business 2 Citizen (B2C) services at their doorstep, under a single roof, through an E-platform using the software created by the Government of Rajasthan.

These services will be provided in the rural as well as urban areas, empowering people, and allowing them to utilize all these services from the comfort of their localities.

At 1 Stop Aksh, customer satisfaction is the top priority. Therefore our focus will be to decrease the customer waiting time, provide efficient and fast services, and adding quantity as well as quality in terms of the services offered. The whole environment will be customer friendly, and the experience of coming to a 1 Stop Aksh kiosk will be one to remember.

Visit a 1 Stop Aksh kiosk right near you, and make it the destination for all your requirements.