1. RKCL - Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited is a Public Limited Company established in Rajasthan as a joint venture of Government of Rajasthan; Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL), Pune; University of Rajasthan; Jaipur, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur; Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University, Kota; Rajcomp Info Services Ltd. and Centre for e-governance.
  2. The main objective of company is to develop a new educational framework which can plan, implement, supervise and regulate the developing needs for IT skills in the 21st century in the State of Rajasthan by promoting the IT enabled education programs as practiced in the Departments of School, Higher, Technical and Medical Education & to provide high quality education including better connectivity, computer skills and co-ordination amongst all educational institutions, universities, students and the Government, as well as to obtain sponsorship's, institutional backups and financial support for the present and future programs and responsibilities accepted on behalf of the State Government.

  3. RS-CIT course (regular) launched on 12th January 2009,Touched a turnover of rupees 61.47 Crores in 2012-2013 giving rich dividend to all equity,Touched a turnover of rupees 61.47 Crores in 2012-2013 giving rich dividend to all equity.

  4. RKCL has emerged as a high-tech and high-touch initiative focused on design, development and delivery of innovative eLearning, eGovernance, and eEmpowerment technologies, solutions and services to its ever growing base of millions of customers in Universities, Governments, and Communities.

  5. Following educational courses run by RKCL: 

    RS-CIT (Rajasthan State Certificate Course in Information Technology)
    WAVE (World Class Academy for Vocational Excellence) Program:

    Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited (RKCL) under its Educational Programs has planned to expand the training opportunities and prepare students for a variety of emerging careers. ‘WAVE’ is RKCL’s flagship vocational education program for enhancing employability of the youth. WAVE courses offer actionable knowledge and job – orientation for a variety of industry sectors

    Job oriented courses of RKCL’s WAVE are: 

    Digital Arts | Graphics | Animation

    Other Courses 
  • Rajasthan State Certificate in Financial Accounting 
  • Rajasthan State Certificate in English Language

    Educational programme run by RKCL:
  • Educational Programs
  • Digital Yuva 
  • RS-CIT
  • Wave 

    Educational e-Governance Programs
  • Digital University
  • Online Application solutions and Integrated Services (OASIS)
  • Employment Assitance Service to Youth (EASY)
  • RKCL's Libreria 

    e-Governance Programs
  • Secure Electronic Tendering System (SETS)

    RKCL provides: Services to the People
  • 15 lac+ youth in the state were given state-of-the-art IT Literacy Training through RKCL’s RS-CIT course in last 4 years at affordable cost.
  • 20,000 Government employees were ginven state-of-the-art IT Literacy through RKCL's RS-CIT course.
  • 10,000+ Police Constables were given state-of-the-art IT Literacy through RKCL's RS-CIT course.
  • 25,000+ Youth in the state were given training in course like Desktop Publishing, Personal Finance Management , TAlly and English Language.
  • 50,000+ youth have been given Online Government Recruitment Services across the state through OASIS Framework.

    AKSH role as Service Provider:
  1. New Centre Registration
    • Creation of ITGK centres across the state of Rajasthan as per RKCL’s requirements and guidelines/eligibility criteria.
    • Service provider shall identify prospective IT Gyan kendra, validate against eligibility criteria in all aspects, and upload online application on RKCL portal with complete information as per application format shared by RKCL along with all applicable fees.
  2. Training of ITGKs
    • Induction Training: Service provider needs to provide at least one full day Induction Training to each and every ITGK educating them about their duties & responsibilities along with rules, regulations, policies and guidelines issued by RKCL for various course/program/product/service offerings. Refresher Training: Provide at least half day refresher training to ITGK Coordinator, counsellor and faculties every 6 months.
  3. ITGK Target Planning & promotional Activities
    • Help ITGKs in wide publicity, carrying out various seminars and meetings among the potential clientele for RS-CIT and other programs. Motivating ITGKs for marketing and ensuring ITGK presence in Group marketing activities like Rallies, Joint Seminars and similar state/district/tehsil level and local promotional campaigns.
  4. Call Center/Help-Desk Setup and Communication
    • Setup a dedicated Call Center/Help-Desk for ITGKs and learners (Minimum one call centre executive on every 75 ITGKs). Proactively calling learners (random selection covering each and every ITGK) as per RKCL’s guidelines.
  5. Admission Management
    • Upload admissions on online/quasi-online software as provided by RKCL through ITGKs Ensure transfer of learner fees or RKCL/VMOU share (as decided by RKCL time to time) to RKCL’s account using internet banking/debit card/credit card facility provided by RKCL through ITGK before payment closing date for the batch. Only after transfer of requisite fee, learner shall be confirmed in the particular batch. Ensure that the ratio of the Computer to the registered learners in an ITGK is maximum of 1:12.
  6. Learning Management
    • Technical Support: Support and guide ITGK to carry out the installation of Learning Management System (LMS) Software or any other relevant Softwares/components for smooth functioning of LMS. Ensure competent faculty availability at ITGK as specified in eligibility criteria of New Center Registration process. Ensure that the ratio of instructor to learners in the ITGK lab will be 1:24 and in ITGK classroom it can be 1:48.
  7. Field Visit and Inspection
    • Carryout random as well as periodic inspection of activities and resources at the ITGK .
  8. Examination
    • Pre-Examination: Photo-sign Processing: SERVICE PROVIDER will run photo sign check process through online software for each learner and reject wrong photo-sign as per RKCL guidelines. Check examination eligibility of learners & follow up with ITGKs for remedial measures in order to make them eligible for final examination
    • Post-Examination: Raise objections (if any) regarding question paper and answer key published by VMOU(vardhman mahavir open university). Ensure to maintain Certificate issue register at ITGK with proper learner-wise acknowledgement. Submit certificate correction, duplicate certificate, government employee fee reimbursement applications to RKCL through ITGKs
  9. Grievance Handling and Redressal Handling grievances of ITGKs and minimize ITGK interaction with RKCL by resolving queries and redressing grievances related to learner life cycle management from admission to examination.
  10. Government Scheme Support If any Government schemes are implemented through RKCL network, make at least one visit per batch per scheme to each participating ITGK during learning period in line with visit guidelines . Submit relevant reports in consultation with RKCL to concerned department offices if required